Cross-border Healthcare and Patient Mobility Hub is the permanent platform for cross-border cooperation within the range of information flow as well as harmonization of actions enhancing accessibility and quality of cross-border healthcare services and patients’ mobility.


The mission of the Cross-border Healthcare and Patient Mobility Hub is to actively and effectively cooperate to improve and protect human health, increase access to healthcare and support the modernization of healthcare systems in the Lithuanian-Polish border area.


  • To initiate, support and develop measures to guarantee and improve patients’ access to healthcare services and medical technologies.
  • Undertaking actions to improve patients’ access to innovations in medicine in the field of diagnostics and treatment and rehabilitation, and to support the implementation of screening and early diagnostics programmes.
  • Developing or supporting the development of innovative technological solutions to improve working conditions and safety, health or quality of life of the society.
  • Activity for and/or support of other persons or institutions, whose goals, overlapping with the Hub’s goals, are respectively: scientific studies, research and development, medical, educational, cultural activity, in the scope of issues/problems of health protection and social assistance, rehabilitation, professional activity of the society and professional development of the citizens.


The Members of the Hub may be all natural persons, legal persons as well as entities without legal personality that are willing to cooperate in the implementation of the Hub’s objectives specified above.